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Paver Repair

There are several reasons why pavers would require repair work, and here are some of the most common issues.

Settling of Brick Pavers
• Sub base and limestone base not compacted properly
• Did not use the proper depth of limestone base (must be at least 6")
• Improper slope causing water to pool and not to drain properly (need 1" slope for every 8')

Shifting of Brick Pavers
• Edge restraints are not flush against pavers
• Poorly laid paver patterns that do not consistently break bond lines
• Using jointing sand which washes out frequently

Weeds Growing in the Joints
• Using improper jointing sand that does not have adhesive to harden (Polymeric Sand)

Our Paver Repair Services Include
• Brick paver patios, walkways, driveways, steps, retaining wall, etc.

If your paver patio is in need of repair in West Chester, Ohio, please give us a call at 513-646-4330.

Showing the difference between dirty pavers against clean freshly washes ones.

Cleaning and Sealing Brick Pavers in Cincinnati, Ohio
Pressure washing, with a surface cleaner, is an important step to complete the restoration of your paving stones and to give them a like new apperance. This deep cleaning method will wash away all debris, sand, dirt stains, weeds, moss, etc. Our team will deep clean the stone pavers thouroughly and allow the pavers to dry for 24 to 48 hours before applying the jointing sand. Once the jointing sand has been swept into all joints, we will then apply the conncrete paver sealer for the ultimate finish.

Benefits of Paver Sealing in Mason, Ohio
• Restore original color
• Keep the weeds out of the joints
• Stabilizes sand from washing sway from joints
• Stain protection for paving stones

If you would like to discuss our paver sealer service in West Chester, Ohio, please call 513-646-4330.

To learn more about the different types of sealers available, please visit the link below:

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